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What is tax software for airline pilots & flight attendants?

Tax software is a either a web-based or computer powered tax preparation application that helps people prepare their taxes without the aid of a tax preparer, CPA, or enrolled agent.  Tax software has evolved over the years.  Computer programs that have a question and answer interface to generate a taxpayer's tax forms are an easy way for airline pilots and flight attendants to prepare their tax returns.  If a flight crewmember's taxes are not overly complicated, then a tax software package is a very good way to prepare pilot and flight attendant taxes affordably.

TurboTax, TaxCut , and TaxAct are three popular tax software packages that pilots or flight attendants might decide to use.

What does EZPerDiem do if using these tax software services?

EZPerDiem handles the calculation that get entered into the job expense part of a tax software program like TurboTax.  Services like TurboTax will ask for you to enter numbers like M&IE, but they won't actually do the per diem calculation.  Therefore, EZPerDiem tax software, which consts of a per diem calculator and flight crew tax deduction finder will get that for you so you can easily enter the numbers into TurboTax.

EZPerDiem also does the per diem calculation report and expense report for flight crew members using a local tax preparer or CPA, as well.

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