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Per Diem Calculator

What is a per diem calculator for pilots & flight attendants?

With regard to flight crewmembers, a per diem calculator refers to automated software that calculates a pilot or flight attendant's M&IE expenses for a given tax year.

What is the benefit of using a per diem calculator for flight crew tax preparation?

The benefit of using a per diem calculator to calculate a per diem deduction is that it saves a great deal of time.  Without using a per diem calculator, pilots or flight attendants would have to look up the per diem rates manually and then calculate the deduction according to the guidelines in IRS Publication 463.  Such a task would take many hours, while a per diem calculator can do this instantly once the airport codes are entered next to their layover dates.

While their is no standardized definition of what defines a per diem calculator, as of this writing, EZPerDiem.Com offers the only web-based per diem calculator for flight crewmembers.

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