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Welcome to AviationTaxGlossary

AviationTaxGlossary is a free informational website for flight crewmember tax terms.  It was set up to help flight crewmembers who use EZPerDiem or EZCrewTax for their flight crew tax preparation.  Although, anyone can use it.

Because many of the terms used in flight crew tax lingo can be difficult to explain, AviationTaxGlossary allows for a simple way to help people understand tax terms that they may be hearing for the first time.

To use this site, simply click any link in the left margin that you wish to learn about.  Links to this site in blogs or forum posts are welcomed.

What is EZPerDiem?

EZPerDiem is a per diem calculator for pilots & flight attendants.  You can learn more about EZPerDiem by watching this video.  It explains what a per diem calculator is, how EZPerDiem works, and why it may benefit you.


What is EZCrewTax

EZCrewTax is a full service tax preparation company for pilots and flight attendants.  EZCrewTax tax preparers are experienced in every aspect of flight crew tax preparation, and can prepare your entire tax return, start to finish, no matter how complex.

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