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Adequate Records

What are considered adequate records for flight crew tax expenses?

Adequate records refers to proof that flight crews need to justify their deductible employee business expenses and travel expenses. This should be in the form of an account book, diary, statement of expense, logbook, or similar record. Flight crews should also keep documentary evidence that, together with your record, will support each element of an expense. If flight crewmembers prepare a record in a computer memory device with the aid of a logging program, it is considered an adequate record.

Is a receipt always required for flight crew tax deduction?

Note that a receipt or documentary evidence is not always required.  As of the time of this writing, pilots and flight attendants who have a travel expense less than $75 do not require a receipt for that expense.  Also, meal expenses and incidental expenses are not required when a flight crewmember uses a per diem calculation for M&IE.  Still, even if a receipt is not required, pilots and flight attendants must substantiate using adequate record-keeping requirements set forth by the IRS.

How can EZPerDiem help flight attendants and airline pilots maintain adequate records?

EZPerDiem allows flight crewmembers to substantiate their tax deductible flight crew expenses free of charge.  This can help all flight crewmembers find and properly document tax deductible expenses.

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